Dr. Xiaoguang, Han

Research Assistant Professor

Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (ShenZhen)

Email: hanxiaoguang@cuhk.edu.cn
About GAP

The GAP lab is based at Shenzhen Research Institue of Big Data (SRIBD) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) (CUHKSZ), led by Dr. Xiaoguang Han. We are aiming to identify and bridge the reseach gaps, in the area of generalizing and analyzing images, videos and 3D content (e.g., points and meshes).  The research field covers computer vision, computer graphics and machine learning. We are also doing applied reseach on intellegient medical image analysis and image-based weather forecasting.
We have opening positions of PhD, Mphil, Msc and visiting students, which are waiting for self-motivated talents. Please send me your resume if you are interested in. 

  - Generation and Analysis of
   Pixels, Points and Polygons -
- we have two papers got accepted by CVPR 2019.
- we have one paper accepted at ISBI 2019.
- we have one paper got accepted by AAAI 2019.
- our paper "CaricatureShop" got accepted by IEEE TVCG.
- our group got the first place at the Tianchi ICDM AI global challenge on Meteorology.