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Assistant - OACS (Ref.2018/331/01)


  1. 协助分管副处长开展招生处办公室日常业务及各业务办公室的协调与沟通;
  2. 协助分管副处长管理招生处的制度建议和财务管理工作;
  3. 协助分管副处长做好各招生小组的日常协调、差旅支持、以及教授招生团队的协调沟通;
  4. 负责招生处的文档管理;
  5. 协助分管副处长做好优质生源基地的建设工作;
  6. 其他领导交办的事宜。


  1. 本科及以上学历,2年以上工作经验;有财务知识和管理经验的申请者优先考虑;
  2. 有非常强的执行力;
  3. 有非常强的沟通协调能力及组织能力;
  4. 做事认真、严谨,工作责任心强;
  5. 有非常好的中、英文书面及口头表达能力。
Executive Assistant - Harmonia College (Ref.2018/330/01)


Education background

1) A bachelor’s degree, a higher degree and overseas higher education background is preferable.

Working experience

1) Relevant work experiences preferably with tertiary institutions or educational industries.

Skills & Qualifications

1) Excellent writing and communication skills both in Chinese and English;

2) Ability to work independently, initiatively and resourcefully to take full responsibility for completion of tasks;

3) Passion in working with students; high sense of responsibility and team spirit.

Duties include:      

    1) Responsible for the administrative work of the College Office, including college daily operations, hostel management and student affairs;

    2) Undertaking other assignments assigned by the supervisor. Working during non-office hours may be needed.

 The appointee is expected to commence work in October 2018.

Engineering Assistant - CDO (Ref.2018/329/01)

所属部门: 校园发展处



  1. 能使用英语作为工作语言(听、说、写流利),欢迎应届生申请;
  2. 土木、建筑、安装等工程专业本科或以上学历;
  4. 好学、上进,工作认真、有清晰的职业规划。


  1. 阶段性协作各专业工程师的工作,并从中学得专业知识、得到提高;
  2. 完成交予的各项工作,比如与学校外籍同事沟通工程事宜、向外籍来宾介绍学校建设情况、某些工程现场协调、联络及简单工程问题的处理;
  3. 完成交办的其它工作。
School Assistant - SSE (Ref.2018/328/01)

Post Specification

The applicant should have

1) Bachelor degree;

2) Post-qualification clerical experience preferred;

3) Good command of both written and spoken English and Chinese;

4) Strong communication skills;

5) Good physical and mental health with strong affinity;

6) Proficiency in Microsoft Office software and social media.

Duties include

1) Student affairs;

2) handling clerical work in school office; 

3) Undertaking other tasks as assigned by the supervisor.

Salary & Benefits
Salary will be competitive, commensurate with qualifications and experience. Appointments will be made under the establishment of CUHK(SZ) and statutory benefits will be provided according to the prevailing labour laws applicable in the PRC. The appointee will be based at the University campus in Shenzhen, PRC.

Application Procedure
Please send the completed Application Form and a full curriculum vitae together with three references by email to: will be considered until the post is filled.

Executive Assistant - CPRO (Ref.2018/325/01)


行政助理 - 传讯及公共关系处 Executive Assistant - CPRO (Ref.2018/325/01)


1.       协助负责英文的编辑校对工作;

2.       协助负责国外社交平台的宣传工作;

3.       协助负责校级活动的拍摄以及照片处理工作;

4.       协助传媒关系的建立、维护和拓展,与传媒保持有效沟通;

5.       协助校级活动的组织与执行;

6.       其它由上级安排的工作。