The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen or CUHK(SZ), is a research-intensive university that emphasizes innovation, entrepreneurship, and excellence in scholarship. The University was established in 2014 through a Mainland - Hong Kong collaboration with strong support from the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It inherits the fine traditions of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and aims to develop its academic programmes in phases. Currently, the University offers courses in the School of Science and Engineering, School of Management and Economics, and School of Humanities and Social Science. The language of instruction is primarily English, supplemented where necessary by Chinese. Students who satisfy prescribed requirements will receive degrees of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Ministry of Education has granted CUHK(SZ) the authority to offer postgraduate programmes up to the PhD level from the date of its establishment.

CUHK(SZ) has recruited a strong team of faculty members in the area of Computer and Information Engineering (CIE). At present over 30 faculty members at ranks of assistant professor or above have been hired worldwide, and 30 new members are expected to join in 2017. The global search for new faculty members is continuing. Many of the faculty members recruited are active researchers whose works are recognized internationally, and most of them have prior experience in supervising PhD students. These faculty members will offer courses and serve as supervisors for the proposed MPhil-PhD programme.

The proposed MPhil-PhD Programme in CIE aims to educate and cultivate research students with a broad foundation in CIE and specialized knowledge in selected concentrations. The graduates are expected to become leading academics and researchers in universities, research institutes, and industry.