About the Library

Library Collection

Print Collection

Acquisition of the print collection is mainly to serve the teaching, learning and research of the University while meeting the requirement of general education and other reading interests of the university community. As the University develops, especially with the expansion of its programs and course offerings, the size of the collection will grow steadily. In terms of the Chinese collection, we will acquire the best books published both in the mainland and in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well. As for the English collection, we will search around the world, trying our best to acquire the best academic publications for the library. We firmly believe that, after a number of years, a rich English collection will become one of the most attractive features that make the library different from peer libraries in the mainland.

Electronic Collection

  • Journal Article Databases: Based on the programs and courses offered at the CUHK (SZ) and the research focuses of its professors, the library subscribes to a variety of journal article databases to ensure that our students and professors can keep up with the latest development of their fields of studies.
  • Chinese e-Books: The library subscribes to two platforms that hold the largest collection of books and other resources in the Chinese language: The China Digital Library (owned by Apabi), which has over 700,000 titles and other information resources, and the Duxiu Knowledge Repository (owned by SuperStar), which houses over 3,000,000 titles. Moreover, the Library also subscribes to the CHANT (Chinese Ancient Texts Database) developed by the D. C. Lau Research Centre for Chinese Ancient Texts, Institute of Chinese Studies, a division of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, whose focus of study is on ancient texts of the Chinese language.
  • English e-Books: Two types of books are accessible: academic monographs of over 200,000 titles and reference works, such as Encyclopedia Britannica, of over 800 titles, many of which are multiple volume ones covering every major subject areas.

Newspapers and Magazines

The library subscribes to a good number of English and Chinese newspapers and magazines which have the widest Chinese readership. Examples are The Mingpo, New York Times, Global Times, The South China Morning Post, News Week, Reader’s Digest and Time.

The Librarian’s Picks

To the left-hand side when entering the library, you will see a long bookshelf with books recommended by the librarian. To promote general and whole person education at our University, these books are mainly of general interest to help readers expand their knowledge beyond their fields of studies and to look at and know about the world in which we live with different perspectives.

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