Producer:OSA CUHK-Shenzhen  

Crew:Lin Zhen / Hao Zhuoqun / Ding Ruoxu / Wang Xingdi 




       8:00-一Start the day with a morning workout. 


        8: 30-Grab a cup of Cappucino at the Bowen bookstore before the class. 


         10:00-At the library.


        14:00-After class, it's time for us to have a great conversation with professors. 


        15:30-I'm listening carefully in class.


        16:00- Upper campus

        Participating in colourful student activities at spare time. 


        18:00- Relaxing with jazz music and books


        19:00-Spending the rest of the day here at the library


        20:00-Being an undergraduate teaching assistant, I shift my role from a student to a teacher in the same day.


        21: 00-Having a meeting with my partners in the student society 


        23:00-Far into the night, the station finally takes a pause from the husle and bustle of campus life . However, the ending of the day marks the beginning of another day. There will be endless days and stories at CUHK-Shenzhen. We are looking forward to yours.  



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Written by:Lin Yi(2018 SSE、Shaw College)

Filmed by:Ma Tiantai(2017 SME、Muse College)

                    Lin Yi(2018 SSE、 Shaw College)

                   Zhang Qiu(2018 SME、Shaw College)

Edited by:Dong Yibing(2016 SSE、Diligentia)

                    Cui Chenxin(2016 HSS、 Shaw College)

Planned by:Zhang Dongran(2016 SME、Shaw College)

                     Chen Xinyi(2018 SME、Harmonia College)

Editor:Shen Yaling(2017 SSE、Muse College)

Advisor:Xu Lupeng(OSA)

Produced by:OSA CUHK-Shenzhen