Accompanied by live music, the third Sports Festival of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen officially kicked off at 4 pm on November 16.


Prof. Xitao Fan, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, delivered a speech at the Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Sports Festival and announced the official opening of the event. The Sports Festival is the largest annual sports event for CUHK-Shenzhen faculty, teachers, and students. It aims to promote the sports atmosphere, enhance the enthusiasm of everyone and facilitate an active and healthy lifestyle at campus. At the same time, the college-based sports competition will enhance students' cohesiveness and sense of belonging.


Professor LEUNG, M.Y. Janny (Master of Shaw College), Professor Yang Gu (Master of Diligentia College), Dr. Yu Xiaoming (Wardon of Muse College) and Prof. YE, Lixin (Master of Harmonia College) delivered pep talks respectively to encourage the athletes of each college.


This sports festival will last until December. Look forward to your participation and cheers!



Photography | Chen Ming (CPRO)

Wei Zixin (Class of 2022, SME, Shaw College)

Fu Hao (Class of 2021, SME, Muse College)

Wang Man (Class of 2021, SME, Muse College)

Jin Chuyi (Class of 2022, SSE, Harmonia College)