Winter moonrise haunts us to cold,

But the new round unfolds,

With the first light of the dawn,

Here comes January


The hourglass of February never misses count,

The lady of shallot waiting for her knight to come


Dry as March is, hopes and expectations it brings,

No more weaving and mirror staring


April arrives, with its sweet-smelling showers,

The pilgrimage starts,

But Lancelort is never seen


May comes with the fragrance of berries,

Sweet days, sweet roses,

The tempting season triggers bold ideas


June is the time to go wild

Running with no fear,

The young lady breathing the fresh air


Hot July, mid-summer night,

Girls dance in circles,

So alive and hotter than the sun


August appears with glamorous sheen,

The immotal bird falls in love with easeful death,

The cursed lady blooming and fading


Sorrow and scarlet leaf,

The glory and the grief,

All covered by September whistles


October fields of barley and rye,

That clothe the world and meet the sky,

And through the field the road runs by,

The damsel has no chance to have last glimpse


Drenched in cold morning dew,

The knights come two and two,

Riding past the Camelot,

Disappearing in November purple dawn


Year in and year out,

Here comes the end yet the other round,

Far away down the Camelot,

No girl is weaving and sigh,

Silence of winter not even shows a sign.