The second Chinese Culture Forum of CUHK (SZ) was held on 10, October, 2014. The distinguished guest speaker of this time, Prof. Yuensang Leung, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Director of the Institute of Chinese Studies at the CUHK, delivered a speech titled ‘The Making of a Legend: Fifty-years of the CUHK’, introducing the history of CUHK, of which he is also an alumnus. In his lecture, Professor Leung introduced the colonial history of Hong Kong and the background of CUHK’s founding. Furthermore, Professor Leung introduced the history of education of the CUHK,its collegiatesystem, and its curriculum provisions.Finally, in giving his concluding remarks, Dr. Leung encouraged our CUHK (SZ) students “to continue to carry out the spirit of the CUHK and to bring honor to this new campus.



Prof. Yuen-sang Leung Speaking at Chinese Culture Colloquium