More and more exchange scholars and students are visiting CUHK (SZ) as it is getting increasingly global. Therefore, it is extremely important for our guests to connect to use their own account to have access to our network and use academic resources like moodle and remote seminars as if they were in their own universities.

Such network is not available in most universities in China, but it is in CUHK (SZ). We have recently joined EDUROAM as the first batch of universities in mainland China, a step further in the internationalization of the University. Come to CUHK (SZ) with your own EDUROAM account as if you were in your own university. Whether you are in classroom, dorm, canteen or library, you are connected to the school network and are able to surf the internet with your iPad, cellphone or any other equipment with Wi-Fi service. You can study, teach and live in a comfortable and efficient internet environment.

EDUROAM is short for education roaming, a secure global roaming service that has been adopted by educational and research organizations throughout the world. It originates from Europe and currently covers 71 countries. Students, staff members and researchers can easily surf the internet regardless of their locations, provided that their own schools or work units have joined EDUROAM. Their network ID is the same as the one they would use at their own universities or work units.

Similarly, students at the University will have their own EDUROAM accounts and they can use them to gain access to the Internet when visiting other universities throughout the world (most western universities have joined EDUROAM) as conveniently as they would feel at their own university.