Shaw College held the first Master Tea on October 20th. It was hosted by Prof. Janny M.Y Leung, Master of Shaw College of CUHKSZ. She invited 17 students from the Student Union. Prof. Leung and the students chatted freely and enjoyed the tea break.

Two months after the new term started, Prof. Leung decided to start Master Tea on a weekly basis activity in order to keep in touch with the students and hear from the students. And the students could express their feelings and worries about their new life in college.

Since the first time of Master Tea, Prof. Leung invited 60 students from the Student Union to Master Tea. During the event, the students introduced themselves and gave the advice about establishing the Student Union of Shaw College and the decoration of Shaw College. Some students suggested that the college could form a student union of Shaw College in order to focus more on the construction of college and college events. One of the student who participated the event also mentioned how Shaw College cultivated its own unique culture. Prof. Leung discussed this question with the students. She also hoped that the conversation with the students and the staff would contribute to form our own characteristic of Shaw College.


The Sport Day was around the corner. Prof. Leung asked about the students their favorite sports and encouraged the students to participate the Sport Day. She mentioned that our students should maintain a healthy state of mind and the body. During the talk, students came up with several suggestions about the construction of the college. For example, one of the students discussed whether the opening hours of self-study room in Shaw College could be prolonged. Prof. Leung replied that it would depend on the need of the majority. After the event, Prof. Leung knew more about the need and the idea of the students which might improve the development of the college.