The event brought “neighbors” from different dorm rooms and majors together and served as a platform to listen to difficulties that students encountered in life for nearly a month since they moved in Diligentia College, and to invite suggestions for the future of Diligentia College. To put it in a teacher’s words, to run the College better, “we need to hear the voice of masters.”

The Master of Diligentia College Prof. Gu Yang was communicating with students

The event started with the speech delivered by Prof. Gu. “Students of Diligentia College are just like my own children to me. They need to be nurtured with special care. The College should bring warmth to students; in turn, students should also make efforts to promote the harmony of the College”. 

Following the communication between Prof. Gu Yang and the students, Prof. GU introduced wardens and tutors to students. Each residential building of Diligentia College has one warden, and every floor lives a tutor. Tutors are more like elder brothers and sisters than teachers to students, for they will pay attention to students’ life and offer them help and guidance in time. 

Ma Mingxia (warden of A building)inviting students to visit her home

He Dingping (a warden of B building) encouraging students to jointly foster college culture

Interactions between tutors and students

Boxes for collecting students’ comments (positive and negative)

The activities were relaxing and pleasant. Students opened their hearts, offering many good suggestions. They also had a heated discussion on the construction of facilities, the use of public articles, maintenance and sanitation of public areas and other life-related issues.

The College Office announced that they’ve taken measures to address the problems students pointed out earlier. The suggestions and comments collected from students would also be followed up and would eventually be referred to when they run their newly-established residential buildings. Students expressed their support with a burst of applause. 

Students of Diligentia College conversing with the mater 

Towards the end, Master Gu also mentioned about self-cultivation. She requested that as a student of CUHK (SZ) and of Diligentia College, everyone should set higher standards for themselves. Take using public facilities (including bathrooms and refrigerators) as an example, students should also take others needs into account and care for others more, thus creating a harmonious living environment.

Prof. GU Yang (the master of Diligentia College) answering students’ questions patiently

After this Diligentia et Sapientia, many students voluntarily cleaned the venue. There were also students discussing with teachers on College activities, accommodations and management issues. These were undoubtedly the “positive energy” for running Diligentia College as a big family. 


Note from the College Office: Diligentia College is a big family; it will become more wonderful with everyone’s even small effort. Thank you all for taking the initiative to set up Wechat group (“Elves of the mountain”) before the teachers at the early phase since Diligentia College was established; thank you all for those planning first year orientation ice breaking or introductory activities late at night, and organizing the activity of A Letter to Home during the Mid-Autumn Festival. We are happy to see so many smiling faces in ice breaking activities, appreciate the warmth and consideration students brought to the College for supporting our work, and we’ve been reflecting your constructive suggestions. We hope that the future work of Diligentia College continues to run smoothly. Our Office are trying our best and we are confident that we can make our work better.