Subsequent to the 3.5+1.5 joint Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program in bioinformatics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen  has reached agreement with University of Michigan to launch another 3+2 joint Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program in statistics.


These two universities have collaborated to design a five-year study plan for students studying data science, financial statistics and statistical science. They will study statistics at University of Michigan in their senior year after three years of study at the University. During their first semester in UM, they may study undergraduate programs offered by the Department of Statistics. The credits they earned there may be transferred back to their undergraduate credits or may be carried forward to their postgraduate credits. Those who have achieved excellent results may continue to study the Master program in statistics offered by UM without having to submit their GRE scores. Applications will be open by the end of 2017 and the 2015 SME students studying statistics will be the first to benefit from the new scheme. Successful applicants will go to UM in the fall of 2018. Upon completion of the program, students will be conferred a Bachelor of Science degree by the University and a Master of Science degree by UM.

The University was founded in 2014 upon approval of the Ministry of Education in accordance with Regulations on Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools. It inherits the educational philosophy and academic systems of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The School of Science and Engineering is positioned to advance emerging strategic disciplines in science and engineering, to forge a team of top professors, to construct a study environment combining China and the West, and to nurture leading professionals equipped with professional knowledge, versatile abilities and international perspectives. International is an essential feature of the University. Up to now, it has reached agreement on 50 cooperative projects with 41 world top universities, jointly educating undergraduate and post-graduate students. At present, more than half of its enrolled students have obtained overseas study experience, ranked first among domestic universities.

University of Michigan, founded in 1817, is a famous public university and is acclaimed as a public Ivy League school. Its statistics major is recognized to be one of the leading majors in America and its postgraduate program attracts many talented students from home and abroad each year. Out of the 111 postgraduate students over the past three years, 22 have continued to pursue doctoral degrees, 79 have assumed such key positions as data scientist, business intelligence analysts and software engineers. CUHK (SZ) students will find more opportunities in this field as the demand for high-end statistics professionals is surging.