Part One: Campus Tour

       Prof. Poliscuhk was new in Shenzhen, and she fell in love with the warm climate compared to the temperate climate in Russia. After the campus tour, a Russian culture-themed colloquium officially began.


Part Two: Muse Culture Colloquium: Introduction to Russian Culture

ZHANG Yushu, a student in the SHSS, acted as an emcee at the colloquium.  

      Prof. Poliscuhk gave a brief introduction of Russia from the perspectives of geography, climate, the arts and history. Its vast territory and geographical location make Russia a country with diverse climate types and special national characters.

      With many different facets, Russian culture mingles European culture with Asian culture. Featured architectures attract tourists around the world. When it comes to history museums, the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia and Moscow Kremlin Museums are both renowned spots. The State Tretyakov Gallery is also a great place to go. Russian literature is well-established and enjoys a high reputation thanks to a bunch of world-class writers, including Alexander Pushkin, Nikolai Gogol, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, and Anton Chekhov. The long-standing Russian artistic traditions nourish and inspire numerous eminent artists, including Ivan Kramskoi, Ilya Repin, Vasily Surikov, and Isaac Levitan. Russian sacred music and folk music have an early origin and special traits.

      After the lecture, students raised questions and Prof. Poliscuhk answered them with patience. In the end, Prof. Poliscuhk received a souvenir from College Master Prof. BAO Zhiming.


  “I learned a lot from this lecture. Prof. Poliscuhk answered students' questions with humor and patience, and she enlightened me on cultural differences from some really different perspectives.”

——CHEN Yuhang, freshman of 2017, School of Management and Economics

      Muse Culture Colloquium aims to spread fine cultures, develop whole person education, and cultivate humanistic spirit. Muse College invites both domestic and international scholars to deliver lectures on society, culture, and the arts.


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