Appreciation of Classical Poetry and Lyrics

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School of Humanities and Social Science


This course aims to show students the history of Chinese classical poetry through the explanation of Chinese classical poetry knowledge and the selection and intensive reading of famous masterpieces and to guide them to understand the artistic characteristics and techniques of classical poetry, and to feel the charm and taste of classical poets. The course will outline the development of poetry history from the Book of Songs (诗经)to poetry and lyrics, and the poetry style characteristics of each era, and explain the important poetic concepts such as “Poem Expressing Ideal”(诗言志) and "Bi Xing"(比兴). The course also selects and discusses the classic poetry such as The Book of Songs, Chu Ci(楚辞), and The Nineteen Ancient Poems(古诗十九首), as well as the works of great poets such as Tao Yuanming, Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Wei, and Su Shi. In conjunction with the explanation of relevant poetic criticism theories, the course will enhance the students’ knowledge of classical poetry and lyrics, and cultivate their appreciation and aesthetic taste of classical poetry.