English Bridge Program (EBP)

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School of Humanities and Social Science


EBP is the first in a series of four courses that improve student ability to read, write, listen, and speak in English. Our goal is to communicate effectively and with confidence in professional English (as opposed to academic English). To accomplish this, we will study English in a systematic way through an integrated series of assignments linking reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The assignments progress from simple to more complex, adding skills and building on what students learn. We will cover sentence-level grammar, the writing process, paragraph and paper organization, points of writing style, reading skills, listening skills, and public speaking skills (including the use of graphics and presentations). Using our textbook as a blueprint, students will progress through a series of increasingly complex listening and reading assignments. These are supplemented with specific exercises targeting common sentence-level grammar needs. In addition, we are integrating listening, writing, and speaking into our discussion of the textbook material. Students will write (and present to their classmates) one LISTENING summary and/or response, and one READING summary and/or response. Students will also work in teams to present and exemplify the basic points of each unit in the textbook to their classmates. These written summaries serve as practice speaking assignments, but are graded as short writing assignments. During the semester, students will write a graded summary/response and a full-length expressive essay. They will have a formal (graded) class presentation, a final listening exam, a final reading exam, and a final (in-class) essay writing assignment..