English for Academic Purposes (I)

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School of Humanities and Social Science


EAP 1 (ENG 1002) is the first of two courses that teach English for academic purposes. It is offered to all undergraduates except those in the translation program. This course continues your development as readers, writers, listeners, and speakers of English. Despite the title, our goal is to communicate with confidence in professional English. In this course, we will move from the personal, primarily expressive essays we wrote in ENG 1001 to more complex third-person essays. These include a process essay, comparison essay, cause-and-effect essay, and an argument essay. We will continue to improve our grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary, but will also focus on more complex points including narrative structure; internal paragraph cohesion; transitions between paragraphs and between ideas within paragraphs; using specific details, quotations, and examples; research and citation; and logic and logical application of information. We will also improve reading and listening comprehension, speaking skills, and study skills.