English for Translation Program IV

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School of Humanities and Social Science


This is the fourth of four courses designed to develop English language knowledge for use in translation and/or simultaneous interpretation. In this final course, students will further develop their understanding of English language nuances and specific uses through the studying of extended texts across a variety of fields common to interpretation and translation. They will develop an adequate understanding of the history, geography, literature, culture, and politics of major English-speaking countries. Their writing skills will be further developed through more advanced writing tasks that aim at developing more advanced organization, accuracy, lexical diversity, sentence variety, and proper style. Speaking will focus on advanced applications of language deconstruction introduced in ENG1002T, focusing on fluency, accuracy, and appropriateness. Listening instruction will further develop their ability to undertake extended periods of focused listening and their skills in retaining information under stress. The cultural and social applications and understanding of English language in multiple settings will underpin all areas of instruction.