Analytical Writing

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School of Humanities and Social Science


This course focuses on developing advanced writing skills for students, with special attention to enhancing students’ critical thinking and writing abilities. Students are required to closely study models of writing, analyzing the mechanics of what makes the writing effective. Special emphasis will be placed on the analysis of punctuation choice by authors. Students are required to participate actively in class and group discussion, analyzing specific writing techniques and assessing their technical merits. The class will consist of a variety of teaching and learning activities, including lecturing, discussion, and group work. Students will discuss and analyze what makes particular pieces of writing achieve particular effects: how they are structured, how they make effective use of varying sentence structure, how they are punctuated, etc. Students will also use their critical and logical skills to evaluate the authors we study and to assess how they employ specific grammatical structures and poetic devices such as metaphor. Students will be taught how to analyze and structure their writing in an advanced way and how to employ language, style, and punctuation to enhance their writing style overall. Both the strategy and tactics of writing will be emphasized. Throughout the term, students will work systematically towards the production of multi-drafted academic and professional writing. The editing process will be thoroughly emphasized in order to actively involve students in the practice of writing as a process. Students will engage in a sustained and protracted effort to develop their essays from the outline to the final draft of the essay-writing process. A final emphasis on proofreading will help develop students’ editing skills and enable them to polish their work to a professional standard.