Introduction to Sociology

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School of Humanities and Social Science


This course offers fundamental Sociological knowledge and perspectives to Year 1 students of School of Humanities and Social Science. In order to cultivate the step-by-step inquiry manner, the course will be delivered in a bottom-up approach. After a panoramic overview on Sociology, it will demonstrate to students the approaches that sociologists take to conduct empirical studies and produce their arguments and theories, as a guideline for students’ preparation for the term-long assignment. It will then introduce how sociologists analyze and discuss our everyday life, by using six diversified and profound topics, making students to have more sensible and intellectual understanding of sociological researches and perspectives. By coding and abstracting the previous demonstrating discussion on discursive everyday life, the next part of the course will turn to introduce students to the key sociological concepts and theoretical waves. The course will end up with opening the sociological discussion on how we can live better with each other in this differentiated meanwhile multi-cultural and ever-changing world.