French II

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French II is a foundational language course for students who have completed French I. It is equivalent to an A1-A2 level course according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Built on FRN1001, this course aims at further developing students’ communicative language competence in more everyday topics and situations, such as personal and family information; weather and festivals; food and drinks; school life and holidays; travelling and shopping, etc. Through different types of teaching activities and the use of diverse authentic materials, such as French music, news, dialogues, and standard French speeches at a slower rate of speech, this course will further develop students’ French listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Upon completing this course, students will develop a basic vocabulary of up to 1500 words and a good command of grammar, such as various kinds of pronouns, the past tense (passé composé), etc.