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Art Course|When in Love with Art Creation

  • 2019.03.26
  • Event
Following the young screenwriter and producer WANG Su who preluded the art course of UAC with an inspiring art lecture, Edward LAM will bring us the first UAC art course themed When in Love with Art Creation. He will analyze creative thinking in dramatic composition with his rich experience as a dramatist. Besides, he will share his feelings and thoughts along the journey of art creation.

[Course Information]

Theme: When in Love with Art Creation


Lecturer: Edward LAM  Famous Artistic Director / Screenwriter


Venue: Room 102, Teaching D


Course Schedule:

31 March (Sun.) 15:00-17:00

28 April (Sun.) 15:00-17:00

05 May (Sun.) 15:00-17:00

12 May (Sun.) 15:00-17:00


Registration Entry:

*This course is non-credit bearing, and it is for staff and students only.

*Due to the continuity of the course and the advanced content, students who have successfully registered for the course need to complete the four stages of the course, after which they can obtain a Certificate of Completion.

*Students whose registration is successful will receive a letter of confirmation.



From Edward Lam:

A question is often raised to me: where? Where is the ONE? When will he come to me?


When I was twenty, an 35-year-old senior aged thirty-five told me, told me that for some, the one ONE will never come.At that moment, my eyes turnedbecame moist. So were his.Was he touched by his own words, or by me?After that, I lost contact with him. But I heard that he was committed to public service. During the years when AIDS was prevalent, he was accompanying the sufferers.


And I, following the imprinting in life carved by time,could no longer find the meaning of this question. But still, I keep encountering it, like a stray asking me: how can I get there?However, the way is hacked by one self. The others cannot copy his thought and his way.Maybe the reason why I'm willing to go this way is that, I'm no longer believe in what I believed in my 20s: I was just waiting.


When did I change my mind?It should be when I didn't regard “beloved” as the only form of love.


When did I realize it?It should could be when I found myself in love with so many different people. At that time, I felt the happiness and freedom of loving others.


From passive to active, my energy became different, and my capacity became different. I can give my love away, and then recharge myself when I'm tired, waiting for the energy to refill myself.If one must know how to reverse from waiting for the one to becoming the one, my answer is creation.


[Lecturer introduction]

Edward Lam, Famous Artistic Director / Screenwriter


Born in Hong Kong, Edward Lam has been working as screenwriter since middle school. After graduation, he founded their own theatre troupe - Zuni Icosahedron with friends.


During Lam’s residence in London from 1989 to 1995, he established the “Edward Lam Dance Theater” and released several stage shows in London, Brussel, Paris and Hong Kong.


In 1994, he won the Best Adapted Screenplay Award for “Red Rose White Rose”, directed by Stanley Kwan.


Since returning to Hong Kong in 1995, he has devoted himself to theatre and directed 58 original works.He has worked with Sylvia Chang, Angelica Lee, David Wang, Rene Liu, Daniel Wu, Ariel Lin, Joseph Chang, Tony Yang, Valen Hsu, Gigi Leung, Cheer Chen and Joe Cheng, etc.


Lam was awarded the Best Director in Shanghai Modern Drama Valley’s One Drama Award in 2010 for “Man and Woman, War and Peace”, in 2012 for “The Doppelgänger” and in 2017 for “Dream of the Red Chamber - WHAT IS SEX”.


From 1997 on, Edwards has been enthusiastic about cultural and education services, working


as lecturer for General Education at The University of Hong Kong, Academy of Film at Hong Kong Baptist University and Liberal Arts at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


His publication includes:  “Waiting for Hong Kong” series, “Amuse the Crowds” series and “The beauty of Evil”. All published by Oxford University Press (China) Ltd.


Latest book in 2016 “Who Needs Who-Edward Lam’s Detective Exploration of Heart”.


Latest theatre work “Why We Chat”.


Path to arts

University Arts Centre will offer courses in a variety of art forms, either credit bearing or non-credit bearing. Artists from both the mainland and Hong Kong will be invited to design instructional plans and visiting lecturers and professors will be invited to give lectures. This will reinforce the aim of the Centre, which is to enrich the culture and art atmosphere of the University with artistic activities.