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[ Lecture of Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills] Craig Au-Yeung Ying Chai: BuddyBlue Under the Stars

  • 2019.11.05
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Everything interacts with delicacies, from climates and weathers, from environments to the earth. Our tableware presents the world. They combine the sense of ritual and leisurely life style together, dim the boundary between gravity and romance, exposing us a new balance in modern life. And it's not everything. Delicacy, literature, filming, designing, media... He wanders among various life styles, refuses to be defined and exempts from a fixed label. He can paint a graffiti. He can direct a movie. He can plan an exhibition. He can cook a feast. He can farm in the field. In his vivid life, tiny things can shimmer and shine. He said: We are all in the gutter, but some of us just know how to look at the stars. These tiny things are the stars. In the 18th Lecture of Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills, he walks towards us with his star sky.


Theme: BuddyBlue Under the Stars

Lecturer:Craig Au-Yeung Ying Chai

Time: November 8, Friday, 19:30-21:00

Venue: 101, Teaching A

Notice:As our key word is “blue”,audiences who dress in blue, wear or carry blue items can get a little gift from us.

* To find out more about the surprises awaiting you, please arrive half an hour in advance.

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Craig Au-Yeung Ying Chai, Hong Kong experienced intermedia creator, food culture exhibition planner.

Majored in designing in PolyU, and graduated with an Hons Bachelor and an Master of Philosophy degrees. He engages in the study and observation of Chinese modern society life style, and plays an active role in the print and electronic media. He wrote and published more than 20 books and hosted various radio and television programmes of life, art and culture. For over ten years, he focused on the exploration and reorganization of the global and local diet and traveling culture. He has published many home cooking recipes and cities’ food and culture guides. Also, he designed and implemented art catering experience for galleries, art galleries, cultural institutions and commercial units. In 2015, he planned the physical space of food like Craig’s Half Full Kitchen and PMQ Taste Library.

Since October 2017, he has served as the “International Slow Food Association” Greater China Branch Communication Ambassador and participated in the “Le Lead Life Manor” project to create a rural Michelin diet and life plan. He also planned the “City of New Land” local cultural public space in Xi'an and actively promoted a new generation of awareness and pursuit of local and international contemporary lifestyles and attitudes. In 2018, he planned the "Localand" cultural complex in Xi'an, creating different scenes for contemporary dietary aesthetic life and providing rich content.

At the 18th Lecture of the“Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills”Lecture Series, we look forward to meeting Craig Au-Yeung Ying Chai on campus.


[Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills]

“Meeting Intellectuals in the Spring Hills” is one of the University's lecture series where the University will invite social elites in such fields as culture and arts to share with our students in form of salon or lecture to promote a discussion of thought-provoking issues or soul-searching experiences. During the lectures, everyone will have a chance to listen and respond on their world views, their aspirations, and intellectual taste in life.