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Upcoming Event | Entering the World of Steel

  • 2019.10.12
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You are cordially invited to the 15th Diligentia et Sapientia: Entering the World of Steel delivered by Mr. Liu Jie at 14:30--16:00, Saturday, 12th Oct. “Diligentia et Sapientia” is an interdisciplinary lecture series, which invites renowned scholars, successful entrepreneurs, influential artists, etc., to deliver speeches to students across academic disciplines, and expose them to multiple facets of life and guide them to think in different ways about life.

Topic: The 15th Diligentia et Sapientia : Entering the World of Steel

Guest Speaker: Mr. Liu Jie

Mr. Liu Jie, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and member of Board of Directors of Diligentia College. He is an expert in Metallurgical Automation and Information Engineering, as well as an expert in Engineering Management and Business Management. A key figure in leading the Chinese metallurgical industry, Mr. Liu devotes himself to innovation and transformation of the industry. His recent research focuses on the next generation of AI in industrial intelligent manufacturing.

Time: 14:30--16:00, Saturday, 12th Oct.

Venue: W201, Administration Building

Language: Chinese

Abstract: 70 years ago, the foundation of the People’s Republic of China marked the beginning of a new era and started the national rejuvenation. A nation’s economic productivity is critical of its development and progression. China had been through a dark age since the First Opium War. For over a century, the manufacturing industry had been backward, and this had been the case for steel production as well. Thus, China came up with its First Five-year Plan to help foster the steel industry. Wuhan, Anshan and Panzhihua were the three leading iron and steel manufacturers that benefited from the transformation of the economic system in China. From the planned economy to the market economy, China has gradually evolved into a Superpower and has generated many ‘Mega-projects’. Sophisticated weapons and cutting-edge technologies were displayed in the national military parade. None of these can be possible without a strong steel industry. What will be the next move in the steel industry to cope with the conviction of ‘lucid waters and lush mountains’? How the industry will perform better through informatization and modernization? Those questions will be addressed in the upcoming Diligentia et Sapientia. During the event, samples of iron ores and steel plates will be presented to give us a more specific view on the materials and the industry.