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【Chun Shan Ya Ju】Doudou Huang

  • 2017.04.20
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Date: 19 April

Time: 19:00-20:30

Location: Governing Board Meeting Room, Dao Yuan Building


Speaker Profile


HUANG Doudou is a famous choreographer, a graduate of Beijing Dance Academy, a National Class-A actor, and currently the artistic director of Shanghai Song and Dance Ensemble. In 2002, he was interviewed by the Time Magazine and became the cover person of Dance Spirit; In 2002, he was acclaimed by American media as “one of the three most important young choreographers” in the world; In 2016, he received the honorary title of Chinese Cultural Ambassador from the State Council. His representative works include Beating Drums While Drunk, Ode to Terracotta Army, Su Wu and A Shining Red Star.