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Upcoming Event | Student Visit to Horoy Group

  • 2017.06.22
  • Event
This summer Muse College invites our students to walk out from the ivory tower and get involved in the visit to Horoy Group, the donor of Muse College. The event aims at providing an opportunity to closely observe the operation of a real estate giant including organisational structure and responsibilities of various departments within the group, as well as real estate development process. Meanwhile, students are able to communicate face-to-face with the management to receive career planning advice and professional experience sharing.

Introduction to Horoy Group


Founded in 1991, Horoy Group has built a giant comprehensive business group specialising in residential, commercial and overall real estate development, concurrently engaged in financial investment field during steady development for the past two decades or so.


While holding the corporate value of taking social responsibilities, Horoy Group involves in a wide range of charity fields, such as education, poverty, disaster relief and cultural heritage preservation. In 2017, Horoy Group generously funded the establishment of Muse College, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), aiming to contribute to talent nurturing in China.




Event Schedule 


Time                     Activities

12:00                    Assemble in front of library

13:30                    Welcome ceremony 

13:40                    Visit to Sales centre of Horoy Unicentre, sand table, project field; on-site explanation 

14:30                    Visit to headquarter, learn about functions, responsibilities and business modules of each


15:40                    Introduction to company's history, corporate culture and business operations

16:25                    Face-to-face communication with management

17:00                    Return to campus


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