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Invitation to 2017 Muse College High Table Dinner

  • 2017.11.18
  • Event
The 2017 Muse College High Table Dinner will be held on November 24th, 2017.


The High Table Dinner was originated from the traditional British formal dinner. Not only can it provide students with a delicious feast, but also offer an opportunity for them to learn about table manners and make new friends.

It would be an excellent tradition to practice the special college style celebration at the end of the year.

Event: 2017 Muse College High Table Dinner

Venue: Li Wen Building

Date: November 24th 2017, Friday

Time: 17:30---19:30

(All students should arrive at the venue at 16:30 for lining up and entering dining hall in order)

Dress Code: Formal (Student Gown)



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