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China and the World--HSS Cross-cultural Communication Talk

  • 2016.02.23
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China and the World--HSS Cross-cultural Communication Talk

China and the World--HSS Cross-cultural Communication Talk Series

With the acceleration of the process in the economic globalization, communication in politics, technology, culture and economic trade among nations and regions is increasing dramatically. Intercultural communication concerns all international organizations and institutions, no matter in meetings, negotiations, discussion or settlements. Therefore, talents in intercultural communication is highly demanded.

In this world of profound political and economic change, how does China deal with intercultural communication with other nations and regions, let China know the World, and let the World know better of China?



Lecture I: Let China know the World: U.N. Document Translation

Lecture II: Let the World Know Better of China: Chinese to English Translation Seminar

Lecture III: China’s Voice: Stories in Foreign Affairs and Press Speech


Guest Speaker:

AmbassadorXU Yanan

Former Director-General of the Department of Translation and Interpretation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs PRC.

Former Chinese Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago,

Former Head of Chinese Translation Service U.N.

Member of Executive Council, Translators Association of China (TAC)


Ambassador LI Jianying   

Chinese Ambassador to Qatar and Surinam, Mar. 2005-June. 2007;

Chinese Consul General to Cape Town, the Republic of South Africa, Apr. 2004-Mar. 2005;

Former Chinese Ambassador to Surinam, 1997-2001;

Former Deputy Director of the Information Department at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.C.;

Press Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, P.R.C.



Lecture I: 16:00-18:30, Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lecture II、III; 13:30-17:10, Friday, February 26, 2016



Lecture I:110, Zhi Xin Building, CUHK (SZ)

Lecture II、III:311, Zhi Xin Building, CUHK (SZ)


Language:Chinese & English