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The 15th Artist-in-Residence |Review

  • 2018.12.26
  • Event
It was Mr. Tian Li as the 15th Artist-in-Residence,Smiling to shape the spirit of singing.

It was at a midday that we sang together;

It was a talk that led us from behind the scene to inside the heart;

It was the Bel Canto Class that ignited the art with the singing;

It was the microphone that was shared by all.

It was Mr. Tian Li as the 15th Artist-in-Residence,

Smiling to shape the spirit of singing.


A music journey beginning with a midday Flash Mob


Information & Admission

Chat with the Artist|Teleport—From Artist to Art
Event Time: 2018.11.21 Wed. 19:00-21:00
Venue: Run Run Shaw International Conference Centre B102

Mr. Tian Li interacted with the students delightfully covering topics from singing to life.


Bel Canto Class:|Ignite—From Bel Canto to Fancy Life

Event Time: 2018.11.30 Fri. 16:15-17:00

Venue: Central Courtyard Sunken Square (In front of Life Cali)


His vivid introduction gave us a thorough aesthetic experience of singing in the Bel Canto Class. The Student Chorus also presented us with a wonderful performance.


Let’s Sing|Boost—From Singing to Singsing

Event Time: 2018.12.07 Fri. 16:15-17:15

Venue: Run Run Shaw International Conference Centre First Floor Lobby


Let's Sing with Mr. Tian Li, with members of the Music Union, and with all the audience who love singing! Whatever languages or genres were picked, it was genuinely a gathering in the name of music!


[About the Artist]

Mr Li Tian, the 15th Artist-in-Residence of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, tenor, national first-class performer of China National Opera House. He graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music and studied under the vocal educator SHEN Xiang and Professor WU Tianqiu. He has starred in the Chinese opera The White-haired Girl, the Italian operas Turandot and Ⅱ trovatore, and the French opera Carmen.












In 2016, the University initiated the Artist-in-Residence Programme to create an artistic atmosphere on campus and to elevate student's aesthetic taste. We regularly invite top artists from various fields to reside on campus, create artworks and hold workshops with students.

The programme may last 5-10 days or 1-2 months. Artists will work with or guide students to create or appreciate artworks through workshop or lectures. Artists will also take into account resources available off campus to contribute towards our development.'









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