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Activity Review | Shaw Conversations VII—Lunch with Prof. Zhou Yan

  • 2018.10.27
  • News
On October 26th (Friday), Shaw Conversations—Lunch with Shaw Teachers VII was held as scheduled. This time, our honorable guest was Prof. Zhou Yan from SSE.


At noon on October 26th, Prof. Zhou Yan and many students enjoyed a delicacy together at Shaw College Canteen. It happened to be the mid-term examination period and therefore, students expressed their confusion and the problems encountered in learning, so as to seek support from Prof. Zhou. Prof. Zhou patiently responded and gave some advice in terms of incomprehensible classes, painful quizzes, strange intonations from English foreign teachers, and so on.


He suggested that freshmen should find their own orientations before choosing a major that they truly love, and he was strongly affected by his family members to be a teacher. Prof. Zhou's humor leaded a great joy in this luncheon.



A senior student who was preparing to apply for a graduate school asked Prof. Zhou for advice on further education. Prof. Zhou carefully analyzed the applications of the renowned schools in the United States and Canada, and asked if she was confident of getting offer from her ideal schools. He encouraged the present students to determine their goals and make multiple attempts to improve their strengths, no matter whether they will study abroad or not.




Today, I met the charming Prof. Zhou Yan and found him super amiable! Although he jokingly said that he had a generation gap with us, he is very accessible and gives us tips on learning by sharing his undergraduate study experience. Thanks to his humor and care, students at the same table gradually became familiar with each other and started to share interesting things in daily life. This activity helped me meet many interesting souls and feel the warmth of Shaw family. I feel so lucky to participate in this activity!

—Gao Luyao (Class 2018, SSE)