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Activity Review | Longgang VS. Sha Tin: The First Friendly Match Between Two Shaw Colleges

  • 2018.10.29
  • News
On October 27th, two Shaw Colleges from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen conducted a friendly basketball match between the men’s team and the women’s team at the indoor gymnasium of CUHKSZ.

As is known to us, among all four colleges of CUHKSZ, only Shaw College exists both in the Sha Tin campus and the Shenzhen campus. This is undoubtedly on account of the common donor—Sir Run Run Shaw’s credit. Sir Run Run Shaw’s donation contributed to the establishment of Shaw Collge in Hong Kong in 1986. Three decades later, in 2016, Shaw Foundation (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. established by Mr. Shaw once again donated to the Shenzhen campus, and its donation resulted in the birth of Shaw College in CUHKSZ.

The two Shaw Colleges are closely-related and have organized different interchange activity in the past two years. On October 27th in 2018, we were very honored to invite the basketball teams from both Shaw Colleges in Sha Tin and Shenzhen to have a friendly basketball competition.



The friendly match started from the women’s basketball match. The members of Shaw College (Shenzhen) women’s basketball team (“Shenzhen team”) were selected from the Freshman Cup. Although the Shenzhen team lost to the Sha Tian team, girls from the Shenzhen campus had tried their best and left no regrets.




A group photo of women’s basketball teams: white stands for Shaw College (Shenzhen) team, and orange stands for Shaw College (Sha Tin) team.


The heated men’s basketball match began right after the end of the women’s basketball match. From the first whistle to the end, the two teams presented a fierce match for the audience. The two teams were well-matched with tight scores. The coaches of both teams frequently guided their players and adjusted the tactics. Although Shaw College (Shenzhen) team lost to Shaw College (Sha Tin) team by a neck, the team members gained interaction and friendship, which were the most valuable treasure.




Green represents Shaw College (Shenzhen), orange represents Shaw College (Sha Tin)


During the break, The coach of Shaw College (Shenzhen) John was urgently deploying tactics.


After the match, players from both sides took a group photo to record the wonderful and unforgettable memory. Meanwhile, Shaw College (Shenzhen) presented souvenirs to Shaw College (Sha Tin) who came from afar.



Tony from Shaw College (Shenzhen) was presenting a souvenir to Joshua, the coach of Shaw College (Sha Tin) basketball team.


Hope that staff and team members from Shaw College (Sha Tin) could joyfully return to Hong Kong with our friendship and we look forward to more positive interchange activity in the future. Long live our friendship!