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Activity Review | Threefold Presents for Shaw Students during 2018 Finals

  • 2018.12.20
  • News
During the 2018 final week, Shaw College has prepared all sorts of presents for students to better cope with academic tasks.

I. Christmas Party


Tower E and Tower F of Shaw College held a Christmas party in the VIP room of Shaw Canteen on December 14th, 2018.




Before entering the party scene, all students lined up and wrote in the Christmas cards so as to send the blessings to their family and friends in the distance.




Party with all sorts of food:





Prof. Janny Leung, Master of Shaw College, arrived at the party scene and delivered her blessings for Christmas to all students.



At the first round of the lucky draw, Prof. Leung personally picked two first-prize winners.




After the first round of lucky draw, the Warden of Tower C, Mr. Terence Fong expressed his greetings to the students.





II. Pressure-releasing Toys for Final



By squeezing the toy, final pressure will be gone.


Tutors from Shaw College personally delivered the pressure-releasing toys to every student.






III. Lovely Food Voucher




Aside from the pressure-releasing toy, each student also received a 20-yuan food voucher at Shaw Canteen. The voucher can be tearing in two part, half of which is a postcard that can be mailed.


Students’ feedbacks on WeChat:



My beloved Shaw mascot!!

It became real!!

Thanks for Shaw College. Thanks for our adorable tutors!!

A surprise gift during Christmas and exam week.



?? Is it the mascot of Shaw College?

#Thanks Shaw for spreading warmth during final#

(Although I thought that tutors were delivering a cart of oranges)