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Diligentia et Sapientia : Meeting with A Xun

  • 2019.04.26
  • News
On 19th April, Diligentia College was fortunate to have Ms. Zhu Xun, the CCTV famous hostess, to share with us her stories.

Ms. Zhu Xun is the elegant and enthusiastic hostess on Spring Festival Gala, the versatile and humorous hostess on the Avenue of Stars, and the warm, kind and lovely Beijing girl with beautiful eyes who is always smiling.

In the sharing, Xun mentioned when she was about to finish university study in Japan, a teacher said to her: “A Xun, in the following years, you have to go through it all alone. No matter what you may encounter, please don’t forget the smile on your face.” Ms. Zhu Xun always smiles and presents us with the most positive image on screens. From the age of fourteen, no matter how difficult life was, she was always strong with touching smiles. Jorge Luis Borges has a saying, “The past constitutes the time, so the time soon becomes the past.” The preciousness of university life lies in how quickly the four years pass. In the sharing, Ms. Zhu Xun sincerely shared with us the five things that help her grow in college

The first, study. In the 1990s, every Chinese student studying in Japan was short of money. Economic embarrassment forced them to have part-time jobs while studying. It was precisely this kind of hardship that urged her to work hard and win the highest scholarship from the Ministry of Education of Japan.

The second, people. Ms. Zhu Xun said, the college once invited Japan’s “father of business”, Inamori Kazuo, to tell the students about the “business approach”. He did not use jargon or complex concepts but humbly said, “I am doing business in a way that I am a man”, which is very sincere and powerful. As Ms. Zhu Xun said, “Sometimes, the people you know in college can change your life.” Being inclusive and learning the strengths of others can be the magic weapon of every lifelong learner. 

The third, work. The working experience in restaurant taught her how to read the faces of others. She said, “It’s not about flattering, but respect. Respect yourself when you are inferior to others and respect others when superior.” Respect is the gift to those who help us grow up.

The fourth, sports. “Sports teaches you with win and lose, and with challenges and injuries.” We can learn the codes of survival from sports. Falling down and getting up, which can be the true meaning of sports and life.

The fifth, travel. When you forget the living conditions or flight classes, travel becomes a purely immersive study. Ms. Zhu Xun said, "When I was as young as you are, I could travel with nothing but a school bag. The outside world is different... you must have the courage to go out, so as the ability to come back and serve the homeland. This is the responsibility of your generation. "Travel is not only for leisure but also for growth and experience. Open your eyes and discover the world, and you will understand the meaning of life. Time never stops. When you get bored, helpless or hopeless, you could read the book A Xun, and read the things that Ms. Zhu Xun experienced, the people she loved and the road she traveled. I believe it will make you stronger.