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CUHK-Shenzhen Receives 10 Million Yuan Fund for LHS Young Scholars

  • 2019.08.12
  • News
July 22nd, the Inauguration Ceremony of "Ganghong Young Scholar Development Fund" for School of Life and Health Sciences was held.

Prof. Dequan Ye, dean of LHS, represented the LHS to receive the 10 million Yuan check of Ganghong Young Scholar Development Fund


The Launching Ceremony of Ganghong Young Scholar Development Fund was held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen on July 22. Prof. Richard Ye, Dean of the School of Life and Health Sciences, received the 10 million yuan cheque on behalf of LHS. Prof. Yangsheng Xu, President of CUHK-Shenzhen, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Liu Mingyu, Vice President of Ganghong Group and Director of Ganghong Public Welfare Foundation, in honour of Ganghong's support for scientific research and talent cultivation.


This year, a total of five projects, headed by Prof. Richard Ye, Prof. Baoting Zhu, Prof. Xianda Huang, Prof. Zongyi Li, Prof. Ruobing Ren respectively, will receive funding from "Ganghong Young Scholar Development Fund". Fiftten doctoral and postdoctoral students will also benefit from it to conduct their research in the field of life and health sciences. 


Group photo of the guests attending the ceremony


Professor Yangsheng Xu, president of CUHK-Shenzhen, affirmed the significance of launching this fund, which will attract a large number of outstanding young scholars to start their academic career in Shenzhen, and contribute to the research and development in the Greater Bay area. Additionally, the fund helps CUHK-Shenzhen advance the integration of research and production, and thus play an active role in the growth of biotechnology industry, and the overall development of healthcare industry.



Dr. Liu Mingyu, Vice President of Ganghong Group and Director of Changhong Public Welfare Foundation, said in his speech: “We always believe that young minds, education and technology are essential for a strong and prosperous country. We hope that there will be more opportunities to carry out exchanges and cooperation so that we can work together to live up to the expectations of this magnificent century, the great city, and the Greater Bay Area."



The fund will be utilised for research, project development and doctoral and post-doctoral training of LHS. It is committed to supporting the growth and development of young scholars and to boosting the University's research in the field of life and health sciences, and to discover, incubate and cultivate research outcomes that can be applied in the frontier areas through the interaction between university research and business application. The fund is open for application to full-time assistant professors, associate professors and professors at LHS of CUHK-Shenzhen. Every year, a maximum of five projects will be selected to receive this funding. Besides, the fund will also allow LHS to organize  academic forums and to establish an open, inclusive, pragmatic and innovative research atmosphere.