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CUHK-Shenzhen Holds Inauguration Ceremony 2019 for New Students

  • 2019.09.04
  • News
The Chinese University of Hong Kong held an inauguration ceremony on the morning of September 1st

The Chinese University of Hong Kong held an inauguration ceremony on the morning of September 1st , witnessing over 2100 students officially started their academic life in CUHK-Shenzhen . 



Speaking at the ceremony, President of CUHK-Shenzhen, Professor Yangsheng Xu, welcomed the students and extended the heartfelt congratulations.  By quoting few lines from a local journal issued thirty years ago, he characterized the pioneering and innovative feature of Shenzhen, where the students are going to seek out a new life, and exhilarated their spirits.


“Here you meet with firmer handshakes and readier smiles. It is a place where people are valued by their integrity, wisdom, and the power of love. It is where dreams begin.”


As the students are embarking on their adulthood journey, Professor Xu encouraged them to start with sense of responsibility and lofty aspirations.


“I hope you take this step with a strong will, to aspire for excellence, to take responsibilities, and to dream big. You can and must embrace a broader vision and an open mind, and relate personal pursuits to the betterment of our society, country, and the world at large.”


President Yangsheng Xu addressed the audience


Student representative Chen Yaning, a year-four student from SSE and Shaw College, shared with new students some inspirational words of advice as they begin the new phase of their lives.


Chen firmly believed that students should proactively embrace new things with an open mind, and take the various opportunities provided by The University, ranging from freely-selected courses, colourful student societies, informative workshops and lectures. She then encouraged them to explore their passion and interest, and at the same time being thankful to people around, especially their parents.


Senior student Chen Yaning spoke on behalf of the students


Professor Hwang Kai, who just received Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievement Award for 70th Anniversary of PRC for his considerable contribution to computer sciences, gave an uplifting keynote speech.


He exhorted students to lay a solid foundation in the undergraduate stage, so that in the future there will be many of them engaging in and contributing to scientific research, thus passing on the scientific spirits to the next generation. 


Professor Hwang Kai delivered the speech


Yang Yuqing, who was newly enrolled to SME and Muse College, addressed the ceremony and expressed her hope and expectation to a bright life at CUHK-Shenzhen.


“I'm excited to find out that CUHK-Shenzhen is an energetic and creative university with a serious academic atmosphere featuring freedom. It also attaches great importance to the personal development of each student, allowing us to grow in our unique paces and finally into a well-rounded individual. I strongly believe that I can realize my dream here, that is to stay curious and ambitious, to be tolerant and pure and to be always ready to redefine myself.”


New student Yang Yuqing spoke at the ceremony


The Inauguration ceremony marks the end of the orientation week, which lasted for five days from August 28th to September 1st. The new students enjoyed a dynamic and engaging week participating in a series of welcoming activities, including registration, icebreaking games, welcome party, parents’ meeting, sharing sessions on academic guidance, etc. Through these activities, students were able to meet and build rapport with new friends as well as teachers, and quickly adapt to the new environment.