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Activity Review | Shaw Conversation VIII-Lunch Talk with the Popular Lecturer Dr. Huang Junbo

  • 2018.12.01
  • News
On November 30th, Shaw Conversation-Lunch Talks by Shaw College VIII was held as scheduled. This time, our honorable guest was the popular lecturer from SSE, Dr. Huang Junbo.

Grasping the tail of November, the students talked with Dr. Huang Junbo about learning, life and dream in the VIP room of Shaw College. While they gained a lot in chatting, they could feel his unbounded charm. 



Dr.Huang came to the room of the Shaw Canteen early and waited for the students. The luncheon had a lively and pleasant atmosphere right from the start. The students talked, laughed, and listeed carefully to Dr. Huang's words in lovely Hong-Kong-style mandarin. During the lunch, Dr. Huang answered the questions from the sophomores about their major choices. He said, "The most important thing is whether you like it or not. Your passion will help you get through difficult stages, and still remain enthusiastic till accomplishing your goals." He also shared his experience when he studied and taugh lessons in Canada.



Many details also reflected the warmth of this lovely teacher: He checked time while eating to ensure that he would not stay at the same table for too long or too short. He answered all questions from students in a polite and humorous manner. He remembered to take his cultery with him every time when he changed a table. He insisted on speaking English after knowing that a table had Indonesian students...At the end of the lunch, there was a big surprise—Prof. Janny  Leung (Master of Shaw College) came! Leung had cordial conversations with the students.



Students' Feedbacks:


I was very fortunate to have lunch with Dr. Huang and oher students from Shaw College. In this activity, I was more deeply aware of our teacher's cuteness. Dr. Huang is not only good at teaching math, but is also rather humorous. At the dining table, Dr. Huang shared his personal experience with us, and asked about our recent learning situations. Furthermore, he provided valuable suggestions for students' mathematics learning and professional choices. I have acquired a lot through this opportunity.
P.S. Next, it is very likely to encounter Dr. Huang at the Shaw Canteen during breakfast~
——Xie Huiyu, freshman, SSE
For me, the lunch club was a rare opportunity to learn about a teacher's study experience, shorten the distance between the teacher and me, and get advice on learning and career from the teacher. The conversation with Dr. Huang solved my problems about professional choices, and it strengthened my belief in applied mathematics. My confusion no longer existed.
——Ye Xinyi, freshman, SSE



——Ye Xinyi, freshman, SSE