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The first week of online school

  • 2020.02.24
  • News
The holiday was prolonged by the epidemic, but the students' enthusiasm for learning was not affected at all.

Learn online, teachers and students work together!

In order to ensure that online teaching is foolproof this week, with the support and help of school IT colleagues, the joint efforts of college teachers, TA and college teachers and the system's repeated testing and debugging, this week's online teaching went smoothly. It is gratifying that the students have participated in every online teaching session with great enthusiasm and passion, and they have interacted frequently with the teacher!

Fighting 2019-nCoV Related Project Declaration

Facing the current severe situation of the epidemic, professors of the college actively responded to Shenzhen's scientific research work on epidemic prevention and control. Since the end of January 2020, Dean Ye Dequan (Presidential Chair Professor, Dean) led young teachers to jointly apply for off-campus hospitals, enterprises, and universities to apply for a special project for the "Emergency Control of New Coronavirus Infection" in Shenzhen. Team members make use of their respective scientific research fields and resource platform advantages to carry out cooperation around the development and final industrialization of antibody drugs. Zh
In a short period of time, Professor Huang Xianda organized a team of young professors of the college to cooperate with multiple hospitals in Shenzhen and Longgang District to conduct research on emergency prevention and control of new types of coronavirus infections by combining computing and experimental techniques. The team is actively preparing for the application of the 2020 Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Commission and the special support project for "new-type coronavirus infection emergency prevention and control" in Longgang District.
Zhu Baoting (Principal Principal Professor), and young professors Du Yang, Hu Hongli, and Wang Pan, etc., have also actively participated in the special application for "emergency control of new-type coronavirus infections".

College Recruitment

Recruitment this week at the School of Life and Health Sciences is also under way. Although affected by the epidemic, in order not to delay the recruitment process and lose high-quality job search resources, online interviews and screenings have begun this week. Although the working model has changed, the application standards and requirements have not been reduced.

Laboratory Maintenance and Management

During this period, the scientific research and teaching laboratories of the School of Life and Health Sciences were daily maintained and managed by specialists. In order to ensure the normal operation and use of the equipment after the resumption, the equipment that is not in use has been shut down. Equipment that requires continuous operation, such as "ultra-low temperature refrigerators" has also been repeatedly checked and monitored.

Academic Information

The school has added extra and extra links this week to provide students with the opportunity to re-plan their courses due to the impact of the epidemic.

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LHS Tips

Distance Learning, Self-discipline

1. Work and rest normally, dress neatly
2. Clearly divide study and rest time
3. Moderate exercise

Keep Inclusive

Although online teaching is no longer a novelty, it is inevitable that problems and challenges will be encountered for teachers and students who are mainly based on offline teaching on weekdays. At this time, the cooperation of teachers and students is even more needed to solve problems and overcome difficulties together.

Respect and Protect Intellectual Property

Each lesson online is designed by the teachers for LHS students. Please do not pass any learning materials out without the teacher ’s consent. Thank you!