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Diligentia Traveling Notes Collection

  • 2017.1.25
  • News
From December 9th 2016 to January 15th, 2017, Diligentia College has received many pieces of articles by our students about their traveling notes or tips. Fourteen wonderfully written pieces have been selected to be shared on the public platform. We hope these pieces can make you feel the joys and beauties of travel and life. Our thanks go to those fellow students who have shared their travel stories, which still continue. I am on my way, what about you?
The best travel of one’s life is to go to a strange place alone, with no ties and restriction, and discover a touching feeling that has been long overdue. May there be a day when you can take yourself and your backpack to walk away as far as possible. Through reading or traveling, you have to make sure either your body or soul is on its way. By seeking Auroa in Iceland or teaching in Yazigang township, during the Christmas that just has passed our little elves made their footprints all over the world and their stories widely spread. Now, through the words of their “Cracking City” notes, let’s feel their impulsive spirits of going away.   

The Most Popular

Iceland--A Trip of Ice and Fire

Neither in my heart, nor torso, nor throat, nor lung, not even my insincere eloquence will you find it.  

Rendezvous with This City, At the Far South of Rainbow Cloud

For those expectant only of ancient towns and snow mountains,

you will be totally amazed at what she is going to bring to you. 


The Best Pictures

Chiang Mai-- A Little Town Full of Events

An eventful little town, filled with joy and merriness, waits for your arrival.

Thailand, An Incredible Journey for Five People

We will remember this sunny and passionate country, and every person here who loves smiling,

looking forward to our next encounter.


The Most Detailed 

Hello! Me in the City of Enchantment

Like the women in it, Shanghai has both aspects of elegance and indulgence.

In the City Of AMOY, All Are Left in The Past Except the Blue Sky

This city, she has people and cars moving hectically,

bright sunshine in the daytime and lights flickering in the night.

First Impression of Winter Japan

Winter Japan has its own unique appeal, even without the colorfulness of its spring,

the mystery of its summer campfire, nor the golden brilliancy of its autumn maple-leaves.

The Town of Guang Qiao

New turn of life and bright stars embellishes the open sky.

They are hieroglyphs of 5000-year history, and the gazing eyes of people from the future.


The Most Humanistic

Hangzhou, A Short Stay of 3 Days Makes You Forget Home

It’s my desire to describe West Lake as Xizi, whose great beauty transcends rich or plain adornment.

2016 Winter, Yazigang Township, A Beam of Light

In the darkness shall I become the spark of fire that lights up the entirety of your sky.

The Strip in Guangzhou

Those wondering in the darkness of night are probably people of twilights.

How Can I Not the South Desire?

How great is the familiar view of Jiangnan, whose beautiful acquaintance triumphs forgetfulnes


The Most Creative

A Journey to the Ice City— A boy From the South Greets the Upstate 

Beneath a thousand leagues of whirling snow, the north country is locked in ice by a hundred leagues.

Beijing City, The Intersection of Old and New -- What Am I Thinking Under Its Sky

People comforts and hugs each other in their struggles of catching their dying and broken dreams.


From December 9th 2016 to January 15th, 2017, Diligentia office has received many pieces of articles by our “little elves” for the writing contest of “My Holiday’s Travel Notes of Cracking City”. The contest has reached full conclusion with 14 wonderfully written pieces selected to be shared on The Student Forum of our website. According to our statistics, there have been 3847 clicks, over 2210 people reading it and 134 relays. Meanwhile, the sixth episode of Talk on “the meaning of travel”, held by Diligentia on 12th January, are met with great respondence from students. We hope these excellent works will inspire in you the pleasure and beauty of travel and life.


They say only love and delicacies should never be let down. But it is also reasonable to say that only time and travel should never be let down. We appreciate every fellow student who shares with us his or her travel stories. And our stories continue.