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“Shaw Run Run, Run Run Shaw” Shaw College Morning Jogging

  • 2016.12.6
  • News
After rain, the first phase of morning runs “Shaw Run Run, Run Run Shaw” held on the morning of last Sunday. 100 attendances put on their tracksuits and assembled in the east square of Shaw College, waiting for the activity to start.

At about 7 am, attendances started with slight daylight. Along the annular greenway in the school, attendances enjoyed the scenery along the road, which made them cheerful while exercising.

This activity was held together by Shaw College Office and Running Club. Simple as this activity looked like, machinators worked a lot. The distance of the runs was about 3.5-4km, which won’t cause too much exertion but can also achieve a good effect. The initial route was a smooth greenway outside the school without slope. But activity was canceled for the rain. Considering attendances’ safety, Shaw College and Running Club designed a route in the school. Pro. Joyce, Pro. Annie, _____(who?) had a field trip with padometer, and finally chose a new route with less cars and more safety. The trees beside the greenway help for aerobics. Attendances can get fresh air while running and promote Cardiorespiratory capacity, to keep health, and this is the significance of our activity.

Let’s see their photos in the morning runs.

Fan Gang stamped on attendances’ breakfasts tickets at the retracing point.

the first attendances arriving the retracing point

After one hour of exercise, attendances were dripping with sweat. They came back to VIP room of Shaw’s canteen and enjoyed the breakfasts offered by Shaw College.

When looking at the photos of breakfasts above, are you drooling? Ordinary as they looked like, these foods contained a variety of nutrition. To scientifically get energy for attendances after morning runs, these breakfasts were carefully designed by supervisor Professor Wesley. Without fat, the breakfasts contained bananas and yoghourt to promote digestion, wholemeal bread, oatmeal and corn to promote metalbolism, and eggs to supply protein.

In the breakfast, attendances talked at the table, made friends after exercise, which is a windfall of this activity.

More than 100 attendances had breakfasts in VIP room of Shaw’s canteen.