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A Second College Established

  • 2016.10.14
  • News
The inauguration ceremony of the second college in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Diligentia College was held on the morning of October 14, 2016.

On the morning of October 14, the inauguration ceremony of Diligentia College was held. Present at the ceremony were Mr. DENG Xueqin, college donor and member of CUHK (SZ) Council, Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung, Chairman of CUHK (SZ) Council, Prof. XU Yangsheng, President of CUHK (SZ), Prof. GU Yang, Head of Diligentia College as well as other guests from Genzon Charitable Foundation, teachers, students and parents.

President Prof. XU Yangsheng thanked Mr. DENG Xueqin, his families and his colleague at Shenzhen Genzon Charity Foundation. He also encouraged the students to inherit the pioneering spirit of Shenzhen and become the second, third generation of entrepreneurs.


It’s the college’s duty to break the boundaries between schools and programmes and unite students from different subjects and cultural backgrounds together so that the teachers and students can communicate with each other and peers can grow up together. Deng advised that an important lesson in life is to communicate with each other and make friends. The friendship you develop here will become the treasure of your life. The college focuses on whole-person development and provides various opportunities, along with the professional courses in schools, to promote communication between teachers and students. 

In addition to the cultivation of students’ personality, Deng had greater expectations for Diligentia College. He hoped that through Diligentia College, Shenzhen local companies and CUHK (SZ) can contribute to the development of the city. 


From the perspective of LI Jie, the student representative of Diligentia College, students should start from personal responsibility and identify with Diligentia College. “God helps those who work hard. In this big family we can learn how to think, behave, study to make the world a better place.”     


Thoughts from students in Diligentia College:

Just like what Ch’ien Mu had said, from our own worries and difficulties, we should know the worries and difficulties of the university, and furthermore, of a society, of a nation, of people and even of humanity in the world. This should be the true knowledge we are pursuing. 

GONG Kang (sophomore, SSE)


In the class of Elementary Spanish in UCLA this summer, I got to know my classmates from New Zealand, Lebanon, South Korea, Japan and Los Angeles. I was the youngest, and the only Chinese. I think I’ve learnt a lot because I could deeply feel the impact produced by cultural diversity on thoughts and ideas. Even if we had different backgrounds and different life experiences, we were together, doing the same thing. I hope Diligentia College would pull off the same magic. 

MA Renwen (sophomore, SSE)

Diligentia means diligence. Diligence is the path to learning and success. I hope that students from Diligentia College can live up to the name – diligent, determined, focused and meticulous so as to build a brighter future together!

WANG Shiqi (freshman, SME)


 I’m glad to become part of Diligentia College. The collegiate system is a feature that I was fond of when I first got to know CUHK (SZ), because in a college, we can meet people aside from our classmates. I hope that we can grow with our university, our college step by step.

JIANG Xinlan (sophomore, SSE)