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2017 Ice-breaking Activities of Diligentia College

  • 2017.09.03
  • News
On September 1, 2017, ice-breaking activities were held in Liwen Building by Diligentia College. It was the first time that hundreds of Diligentia College students have been gathered together to embrace their first group activity since the establishment of the College.

Diligentia College Welcome Party was hold in Sports Hall at 3 PM, 1st Sep, 2017.  Just like the sorting ceremony in Harry Potter, this summer, 370 freshmen were sorted in Diligentia College, the welcome party was hold on 1st Sep, 2017.

Without the magic celling and gliding ghosts, the ceremony sparked by the beats from Hepta -- a student band of Diligentia College. Hundreds of eyes were fixed on the stage and everyone lost in the beautiful singing, which followed by applauses and cheers. 

▲ Prof. Zhu Shiping, Vice president of CUHKSZ, delivered a speech

Prof. Zhu Shiping, Vice President of CUHKSZ was the first speaker. He sent us a message that Dligentia College is a big warm family, in which we have a “mom” -- Ms. Gu Yang, Dean of Diligentia College, and “older siblings” -- wardens and tutors. Mr. Zhu called himself as “grandpa” and gave us four tips in college life:

▲ Prof. Gu Yang, Dean of Diligentia College, delivered a speech

Ms. Gu Yang, delivered a welcome speech and introduced the College. She said, how time flies, it seemed was yesterday that the Diligentia College just established. During the last academic year, students were fledging alone with the College, finding their directions. We have made great progress together. Freshmen’s expectation about college life was lit by these words. Presidents had attended the party to show their support.

  1. Get along with your roommates, these buddies are important friends in your life.
  2. Reset yourself. It is a start point for another journey, you should let the past glories and regrets go.
  3. Do your best, and prepare to the worst.
  4. Stay away from those addicted stuff. They are in your way.

▲ Group photo

Mr. Qian Mu once said at the very beginning of New Asia College: The prerequisite of development lies in inner energy rather than external opportunities. As the name suggests, Diligentia College’s energy derives from diligence. Every member is a contributor, shaper and representative of the college’s culture. We could find the subtle influence of college in the following short speeches given by wardens and student representatives. For the safety concern, we also invited Mr. Mao, police officer from Dayun police station, to join the party. Mr. Mao gave us some kind reminders about safety of life, property, fire and traffic.

Wish you would cherish every friend in Diligentia College

It is better to experience than listen lectures. Freshmen were then divided into 21 groups, each group has a mentor — a sophomore, to break the ice. Many students, once were reserved at the self-introduction section, released themselves in the games, as game is always the best way to crack walls between people. The game punishment section had almost turned out to be a talent show: the first student sang Old Boys on the stage, drew attention of the whole arena, ended with rounds and rounds applauses. Followed by other wonderful performances and singings. All the joyful images were stored in our memories and cellphones. It is hard to image that those freshmen were strangers to each other just one hour ago. The party came to a close after the group photo, while it is just a start to build a relationship with someone next to you. You have no idea about how important he/she might be in your life and we are looking forward to the unfolding stories.

Wish you would enjoy every moment in Diligentia College.