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Experience China--2019 Spring Term Farewell Party for Exchange Students

  • 2019.05.07
  • News
On May 6th, OAL held a farewell party for the exchange students in CUHKSZ at CIDE.

On May 6th, OAL held a farewell party for the exchange students in CUHKSZ at CIDE. In addition to the exchange students, the farewell also invited some of their buddies who helped them when they first arrived at China. Several teachers and students from Jinhui Club and Calligraphy Association also attended the farewell party.


The party began with the game “Catch Phrase”. All the phrases showed on the screen were the information regarding exchange student names, CUHKSZ and their home universities. Three groups joined the game and it reminded them of the good memories on the campus.



Wang Zhe, from HSS and Diligentia College, gave a performance of singing the song “Little Love”. Pictures from the past semesters were flashing on the screen, which was very warm and memorable.



Paul Ke from OAL came to greet every exchange student and asked about their home universities. He also sent the best wishes to them and hoped they could come back again.


 The farewell party also invited students from Jinhui Club to teach exchange students about creating a Chinese traditional puppet. It was very an exciting and interesting experience for those students who were not familiar with Chinese traditional puppet art.



Dr. Guanyan Liu, from HSS, gave the exchange students a workshop on Chinese calligraphy. Under his patient instruction, students were impressed by the charm of calligraphy. Everyone was eager to complete their first calligraphy work.



Besides the performances and the activities, there were three rolls of lucky draw. Each student who won the lucky draw received a souvenir of the school. The farewell party finally ended with happiness and laughter.