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Our Graduate Season | Shaw College Successfully Held the 2019 Graduation Luncheon

  • 2019.05.20
  • News
After the graduation ceremony of CUHKSZ, Shaw College subsequently prepared a warm lunch and delicate graduation souvenirs for both the graduates and their families. Prof. Janny Leung, Master of Shaw College, said in the luncheon speech that Shaw College is always the second home for graduates and we all expect everyone to come back frequently.

On May 18, the Shaw College 2019 Undergraduate Graduation Luncheon was successfully held in the main venue of Shaw College Room F301. Shaw College committee members Prof. Hugh Thomas, Prof. Kevin Leung, as well as college staff, wardens and tutors of Shaw College all came to the luncheon to witness the wonderful moment together with the graduates and their families.


Prof. Janny Leung, Master of Shaw College, expressed her deep gratitude towards the parents of the graduates on the spot. She said: “Four years ago, you sent these carefully nurtured children to our newly-established university. We are very grateful for your trust towards this university, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and towards Shaw College.”



Four years of time at university passed in the blink of an eye; as it is but a tiny speck of time in the vast universe—and yet, for the youth, the memories they have made during this time may last forever. The time spent at university cannot be merely summarised by an academic transcript or a paper of resume; but also by the multi-dimensional experience of life.



Unlike last year's lavish graduation lunch buffet; this year, Shaw College provided simple yet exquisite graduation lunch packages for the graduates and their parents. Shaw College hopes to convey gratitude and congratulations to the graduates and their parents with a familiar, nostalgic taste of the college.


In addition to this, the college has prepared exquisite graduation souvenirs for the graduates. These include Shaw College 2019 graduation album, crystal frame of graduation group photo, fluffy graduation teddy bear, and customised mugs for the parents.


The Shaw College 2019 graduation album contains a calligraphy inscription from President Yangsheng Xu, as well as two letters from Vice President Shiping Zhu and Master of Shaw College, Prof. Janny Leung, both expressing their sincere hopes towards Shaw College graduates.



The adorable and lovely Shaw’s graduation teddy bears are especially loved by the graduates. If you pay close attention, you will notice that the shirt worn by the bears is the first T-shirts Shaw College designed for the class 14 - 16 students of Shaw College.



During the graduation luncheon, the graduates accompanied their families to take group photos at various photo points around the college to mark the precious occasion and capture the warm and joyful moments.



The letter written to the parents of 2019 graduates by Master of Shaw College, Prof. Janny Leung, is attached with this article.


“Fortune favors the diligent; perseverance is a key to success. Four years have passed in a flash, and now your beloved children have successfully completed their undergraduate studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. As their second home, Shaw College would like to wholeheartedly wish the students that will achieve their ideal aspirations one day despite the difficulties in the road ahead.


Today is a very meaningful day for you [the parents] and your children. However, oftentimes the meaning does not emerge naturally. The famous Chinese philosopher Mr. Youlan Feng said that, ‘The meaning comes from consciousness and understanding.’ Four years ago, your children left your shade and came to The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Three years ago, they entered Shaw College. Here, they were accompanied by teachers and students from all parts of the country; they faced up to the challenges and learned from one another all the time. In the college, they developed their personal qualities and general skills such as interpersonal communication skills, cultural appreciation, self-confidence and sense of responsibility, and much more. I believe this is precisely the meaning of life that the college has given to the students. They shall carry these soft powers and achieve an even more valuable life.


‘The immense sea allows fish to leap at liberty, the vast sky lets birds fly freely.’ No matter where these students are, no matter how good or bad their circumstances can be, I hope they will never give up trying to pursue their dreams. I hope they could stick to their inner values, devote themselves to the career they love. Shaw College is always the second home for the students, and we will always welcome students and parents to come home.”


—Prof. Janny Leung, Master of Shaw College