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Activity Review | Shaw College 2019 Spring Festival Feast

  • 2019.2.21
  • News
On 19th February, Shaw College held the 2019 Spring Festival Feast at F301.

The once in a year Lantern Festival, the final event of the Spring Festival in China arrived. To help the students cope with their homesickness, Shaw College prepared a special Spring Festival Feast. At this feast, the students could have a taste of delicious food from all over the country.


The host of this activity was Tang Yicheng from Class 18, SSE, Shaw College.




Master of Shaw College, Prof. Janny Leung attended the activity and gave a short speech, warmly welcoming all the teachers and students who participated in this event.



Dance is a form of expression in which the mind and body work together. A beautiful folk dance could convey good wishes for the Lantern Festival by means of body language. Wei Meihan, who was a member of Max Dancing Club of CUHKSZ, brought the audiences a beautiful dancing show.



After watching the enjoyable performances, the gourmet time was coming! The sumptuous delicacies were ready and the students lined up to serve their meals.




Sweet dumplings eaten during Lantern Festival



Hand-held mutton cooked rice



Chaoshan meatball (deep fried roll of dried tofu strips meatball)



Noodles served with soy sauce and minced meat sauce



Hope this Spring Festival Feast can satisfy the students and help them with their homesickness. May they be in a happy mood in welcoming the new semester after tasting the sweet dumplings for Lantern Festival, and be full of energy to handle the coming learning tasks.


Students’ Words:


1. Happy Opening Day on Lantern Festival! Really appreciate for the luxuriant buffet prepared by Shaw College. Had eaten two bowls of sweet dumplings! After all, I need to eat enough to do my paperwork.


2. It is a warm Lantern Festival that can eat ice cream.