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Graffiti Island

  • 2019.09.18
  • Event
September 18th 11:30-13:30.With imaginative creations of graffiti.Let’s return to the wonderland of colors.

Typhoons, storms, and the scorching sun

All carved by time into an eraser

That has rubbed the graffiti wall again and again

Day after day, whether you are there waiting for the bus or not


Moss, soil, and dust

All blended by time into a spray gun

That covered the wall with irregular textures, day after day

Tired of all the grey and white and gloominess

Are you eager for some different colors?


In the new semester

University Arts Centre

Together with the 16th Artist-in-Residence Icy Tan,

An outstanding graffiti art team

And Wesign

Will throw a dress-up party for the graffiti wall


We sincerely invite you to join us in graffiti creation

on the last day of the dress-up plan

Decorating our campus with beautiful colors

Brightening up every day when you wait for the bus


In addition to graffiti creation

We will also arrange six activities for you

Reaching your hands out into the unknown

Soon, you will get a “stamp” of your own

Either fresh, or beautiful, or energetic, or dashing…

Find your surprise in the tattoo shop

Make a difference to yourself


Still remember your favorite snacks when you were a kid?

Tasting delicious food from every corner of the world

Can never erase

The feelings you had when taking a bite of your childhood snacks

You’re welcome to take the time machine in the snack hut

Savoring your warmest memories


Various hair color sprays at the magic house

Designing your own fashionable style


At the props house,

Wearing hilarious wigs or lovely headdresses,

Holding up cute or cool cards with words

You can strike a pose whatever you like


Have a try in the lucky room

Get a piece of your own luck


DJ Ravenface86

18 years old Shenzhen local DJ&Producer, one of the members of D1SG0V3RNMENT RECORDS. Influenced by his family, he loved music since he was a child. From guitars and drums to electronic music, he is not separated from music almost every moment.  Because of his strong interest in drum culture, he has a very in-depth study of Techno, Drum & Bass, Rawstyle/Hardcore, enjoying the variation of drums or the transition between drum positions; Drum Kick, Gated Kick can always appear in  his scene.  His insights into Rawstyle are even more unusual, with the attention of the Dutch Rawstyle artist combination Riot Shift and the Dutch Underground Hardcore label Footworxx.  In 2019, he followed the label members to complete the label tour of most famous clubs in Guangdong