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UAC Art Courses III |Yue: It Is Easy to Find Your Inspiration

  • 2020.03.21
  • Event
Artist Yue will be invited by University Arts Centre to give an art course titled “It Is Easy to Find Your Inspiration.” He will teach themed topics around poster design and share how he, as a designer, finds and uses inspiration from daily life to be create.

In our daily life, most objects come into our eyes through designs. We grew up watching designs. In graphic design, poster is one of the most popular forms of presentation in our daily life.


Course Information:

Course Theme: It Is Easy To Find Your Inspiration


Course Format:5 lessons online (ZOOM)+1 lesson offline

Time Schedule: 

31 March (Tuesday) 19:00-20:30 

4 April (Saturday) 14:00-15:30 

8 April (Wednesday) 19:00-20:30 

11 April (Saturday) 14:00-15:30

15 April (Wednesday) 19:00-20:30

29 April (Wednesday) 14:00-15:30

* Due to the impact of the epidemic, the arrangement for the exact time of the course on 29 April will depend on when the students will return to campus.


Course Requirements: 

1. Be able to complete poster production independently (in any form)

2. Be able to use the following software (mainly AI-based):Adobe illustrator,Photoshop,Procreate.

QR Code for Signing up :

ID and password of ZOOM will be sent to successful registrations by email.

*This course is non-credit bearing, and it is for staff and students only.


Certificate of Completion:Due to the continuity of the course and the advanced content, students who have successfully registered for the course need to complete the six stages of the course, after which they can obtain a Certificate of Completion.


Course Arrangements:

 Lesson 01:Introduction to creative tools/

Chapter 1: Developing Habits

Chapter 2: The Application of Colors

Lesson 02:

Chapter 3: Are Ideas More Important than Technique?

Chapter 4: The Power of Fonts

Lesson 03:

Chapter 5: Look More at Interesting Things

Chapter 6: Composition and Typography

Lesson 04: 

Chapter 7: Add Creativity

Lesson 05:

Chapter 8: The Form of the Poster

Chapter 9: Personal Characteristics

Lesson 06: 

Meeting/Course Conclusion/Presentation of Students' Works


Introduction of the Speaker:

Yue, born in Guangdong, 1992. Specialties include photography, ceramics and painting. Fond of music, flower arrangement and table art. Holds on to the state of free creation. Established a personal ceramic studio in Jingdezhen; creative Director of a niche organic wine brand "Wespirit"; founder of Alt-Tab, an online cultural and visual magazine

Main Works: darkroom photography exhibition, ceramic works: Thin Tire Series - Flower Vessel,A Person's Starry Sky, Paper.01.


Yue's Workpieces:


Art Courses: University Arts Centre will offer courses in a variety of art forms, either credit bearing or non-credit bearing. Artists will be invited to design instructional plans and visiting lecturers and professors will be invited to give lectures. This will reinforce the aim of the Centre, which is to enrich the culture and art atmosphere of the University with artistic activities.


University Arts Centre: to bring students closer to culture and art; to make the"DREAM" come true.