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Arts in the Cloud | Creation Is the Process of Understanding Life

  • 2020.03.26
  • Event
She is a fairy from the wonderland. She waves the wand and lightens the stars. The unique scene of her magic world is presented in front of us.

On 26 March, Sun Dongxu, a young artist will be invited to our live streaming lecture "Arts in the Cloud" and talk about her artistic creation.

Arts and Living Lecture Series of CUHKSZ VII



Creation Is the Process of Understanding Life


Sun Dongxu – Puppet & Figurine Artist


26 March 2020 (Thursday) 20:00-21:00

 【 Live Streaming】

*Without authorization, please do not record or repost the lecture.


Brief Introduction of the Guest

Sun Dongxu, born in the 1980s, graduated from the Mural Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. Her creations include oil painting, sculpture and puppet design and her artworks are full of personality, delicate images and rich expressions. In 2008, Sun Dongxu transformed the little girl in paintings and paper works into JSD (Jacoo Sun Dollform) elf puppets with spherical movable joints. In 2011, Sun Dongxu's elf puppet Jacoo Sun Doll was born. In 6 years, Sun Dongxu created nearly 40 elf doll figures, which are loved and sought after by collectors. In 2015, Sun Dongxu was invited by Zhou Xun to attend the charity event "One Night". Two of her JSD elf puppets were auctioned for public benefit and received a donation of 35,000 yuan in total. At present, Jacoo Sun Dollform is divided into three series: cultural elves, fashion elves and civilian hero JS Tony. Sun Dongxu's oil paintings and sculptures have also been exhibited in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Venice, Rotterdam and many other cities, and have won praise from the art scene and the critics.


Appreciation of Sun Dongxu's Artworks

Arts in the Cloud 

“Arts in the Cloud” is an online live streaming activity organised by UAC, which will cover all-inclusive arts knowledge in the form of "Artists’ Sharing + Interaction". Relying on live streaming platforms such as BiliBili and Zoom as the main channels, each episode is about 60-90 minutes in length, including a wide range of topics, such as literature, fine arts, music, design, drama and other categories. Artists who may be hard to meet offline will be invited “in the cloud” to create a collision of ideas with you and look into the all-sided future of arts and life from the elementary to the profound.

To bring students closer to culture and art

To make the "DREAM" come true