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2016 Annual Review--Diligentia Moments

  • 2016.12.30
  • News
At the end of 2016, maybe you will stay at campus or you have already back home, maybe you are on your way for traveling, wherever you are, Diligentia College are always there with you, see you 2017!
Those great Moments: Diliegntia College & You
1. Diligentia College Icebreaker Activity
2. My family
3. Diligentia Night Talk
4. The establishment ceremony of Diligentia College
5. The first sport festival
6. Potluck Party
7. The design contest for college T-shirt
8. Table Manners 
9. High table dinner
10. Fashion Show
10. Diligentia et Sapientia 
10. Master's Tea
13. Diligentia Talk
14. Breakfast with love
15. Christmas Surprise
16. Student Forum

See you, 2017!