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Muse College’s Orientation and Icebreaking Event of Year 2017

  • Zhuowen Li
  • 2017.09.05
  • News
The autumn of 2017 marked Muse College’s one-year anniversary. More than 700 freshmen from across the country gathered in Muse College in September, 2017. New recruits, together with teachers and school leaders participated in Muse College’s Orientation and Icebreaking Event of Year 2017 in Liwen Building, opening a brand new chapter of students’ university lives.

Newcomers of Muse College arrived one after another in Liwen Building, signing up the attendance sheets with looks of curiosity on their faces before the orientation officially started. In the orientation presented by Muse College aiming to get the latecomers familiar with peers so as to fit in, students in the auditorium were wearing unanimous uniform exclusively issued by Muse College.

Students signed their names on the board.


Part 1 Orientation


MA Xiaoning, a postgraduate student of 2017 from School of Management and Economics (SME), and HE Binghao, an undergraduate student of 2016 from School of Science and Engineering (SSE), acted as emcees.


 The opening remarks launched by hosts lifted the curtain on Muse College’s orientation and icebreaking Event of Year 2017.

ZHU Shiping, vice president of CUHK(SZ), gave a talk, in which he  amused the audience by referring himself as the grandpa of the college.


Prof. BAO Zhiming, master of Muse College, delivered an enlightening speech as well.


Prof. SUN Zhenglong, warden of Muse College’s Block B hostel, also made a playful remark, in which he welcomed the freshmen, expressing his vision of their promising future.


Followed by the leaders’ talks, performances presented by students officially began.

FRESH, a dance team formed by freshmen of 2017 performed a dance.


Accompanied by the dim stage lights, WANG Fushan, a sophomore from SSE, brought the listeners a ballad called A Girl in the South (nanfang guniang).


CHENG Yuhao, a sophomore from SME, played a piece of violin solo titled Smooth Criminal, receiving an ovation from the audience.


WANG Xingdi, a freshman of 2017 from SME, gave a moving rendition of a pop song I’m Yours, in accordance with the frequency of spectators’ swaying arms.


XIE Yuxuan, a sophomore from School of Humanity and Social Science (HSS) impressed the audience with her version of Sparks Fly.


A piano solo Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor presented by CAO Lihe, a sophomore from SSE, was also well-received.


The police officer MAO from Universiade Police Station was also invited to give a lecture on safety issues. He presented the students with real cases according to his years of working experience, which hopefully would be a wake-up call to the students.


The orientation was followed by the tea break provided by the college, which offered a platform where students engaged in communication with teachers from Muse College.


Part 2 Icebreaking Activity


The emcees WANG Xingdi, SHI Yunhua, ZHU Kexin (from left to right) commenced the Icebreaking Part.


This section aimed to break the silence among strangers by encouraging every member to participate and know about peers so as to develop deeper connections in the college.

The Dance Workshop, the first club established in Muse College, greeted students with an opening dance, showing various probabilities and dimensions of lives in Muse College.


Game One: Muse College in My Eyes

Freshmen were divided in to 19 home groups, with mentors facilitating group members the process of icebreaking activity by engaging new recruits in portraying images of Muse College as well as their visions of college lives.

Group members were depicting pictures in turn.

Students were unanimous in portraying beautiful Muse College images among different versions.

Game Two: Musical Chairs


Winners stood out from the musical-chairs competition in home groups.

Players selected from home groups stepped onto the stage where they competed with other opponents.

The situation was heated.

WANG Yiyuan, a student from group 19 conquered other rivals.

The icebreaking part drew to an end with laughter and giggles filling up the auditorium, and it opened a new chapter of students’ college lives. Notably, in the Orientation and Icebreaking Event, freshmen gained access to college’s culture and traditions and friendly college aura provided by teachers and peers in Muse College.


Come and explore your youth lives in Muse College!





We are looking forward to your arrival.

Muse, always with you.