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Muse College Photography Competition: Muse through Lenses

  • Zhuowen Li
  • 2017.10.10
  • News
The beginning of the new semester marked the completion of Muse College construction. Amazed by the ambience, some students recorded college’s beautiful moments and shared them with friends. Mobilized by Muse College Office, some students sent their entries to engage in the themed photography competition initiated by Muse College. Students expressed their affection for the college in their works.

Initiated by Muse College, the photography competition themed “Muse through Lenses” was held in September with the aim to encourage students to capture Muse College’s fascinating moments. The magnificent buildings and pleasant environment, together with entrants’ exquisite photographing skills, made numerous outstanding works possible. In the contest, the order of prize-winners was in accordance with the numbers of votes. Some prominent photographic works are displayed as follow.



The winner went to XU Yangfan with 2974 votes.



JIN Kerong’s work won the second place with 2935 votes.


ZHONG Hanxiao’s work came as the third place with 2395 votes.


Part of the outstanding works are shown as follow:


Work by CHENG Siqi


Work by DENG Qingwen


Work by FENG Fanli


Work by HU Wenjing


Work by HU Yiqing


Work by WU Wei


Work by WANG Yifan



Not only did prize-winners receive awards, but all the entrants were also able to get Muse College’s souvenirs. May Muse College vigorous and energetic as its young members. With members' collective efforts, Muse College will embrace a brighter future.



Muse, always with you.