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Spring Plowing with President Xu

  • 2018.03.22
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Spring plowing has started, and everything is growing. March 18th coincides with the "Spring Plowing Day" on the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar. It indicates the return of spring and the beginning of the spring plowing of a new year. President Yangsheng Xu went to Gankeng Hakka town along with more than 50 students to experience the joy of labor and cultivation, and had a fun-packed Sunday morning in the fields.


For many students, this was the first time they had picked up hoes and grew vegetables. It was not easy for them to start. Yangsheng Xu demonstrated to the students how to plow and told them the space between seedlings, continuously offering guidance and help to each group. For this generation of college students, it seems that farming is getting farther away from them. The spring plowing activity not only provides students with the opportunity to enjoy nature and relax in the bright spring, but also enables them to learn the hardship of plowing and cherish each meal.


Nearly half of the students who participated in the spring plowing will soon graduate, the first cohort of undergraduates of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. They will leave the campus by the end of May this year, so this is the last time for them to work together with president Xu who knows about further studies and future career plans of almost every senior student. During the break, he also shared with students his suggestions about further studies, job hunting, and life experience.